Marcus Koh – Magnum

Marcus Koh, our 2011 World Champion after leaving the Japanese yoyo brand, Turning Point, moves on to new adventure. He teams up with Auldley to create his second signature model, the Magnum.

The Magnum isn’t your ordinary chocolate ice-cream, it is the weapon of choice for all enjoying super quality. Playing it, is wonder in itself. It simply plays beautiful. The Magnum also looks great and unique.

Box signed by Markus Koh and completely sealed, you be the first one to open it.

Recommended both for players and collectors. – see more at:

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Honza Bui joins Yomega

Honza Bui joins Yomega

Super talented Czech players are popping up like mushrooms from ground. Great tricks and good skills are essential, however some of them has that extra spark which leads to great adventure.
Huge Congratulation to Honza Bui who is the first local player to join the Yomega team. New sponsorship, comes with a new video check it out!

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Simple but Brilliant

New yoyo video by the guys from Slovakia. The clip called #2014, it is a must watch. You can see Samko, Janko, Gabko throwing for Barely Legal, Turning Point and CLYW.

Great video guys keep them coming!

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Konstantin Tudjarov: YoYoFactory Shutter

This is a great yoyo video by Konstantin Tudjarov. Nice editing and inspiring yoyo tricks. He is 2 times Bulgarian National Champion and member of the YoYoFactory Europe team.This video features some of his new tricks which Konstantin is planning to use at EYYC 2014

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New year, new energies, new releases!

So much enthusiasm, so much excitement on the first day of the year at ThrowYoYo. We are unboxing the newest Rally yoyos by One Drop Yo-Yos. Pictures are being taken right now.

Wow, we are super impressed by the machining quality and colour combination of One Drop. Congratulation for making the Rally!

Available in:

Clear with Blue Rings
Clear with Orange Rings
Clear with Black Rings
Turquoise with Black Rings

You can already get your Rally here more photos to come just in a bit:

Lets go!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year,
Photo by Domonkos Gergo, Duncan Crew Hungary

This is our first post on the new year, Hurray! We wish you a happy new year. A year full of pleasures, excitement and lots of yoyo fun.
We wish you a year with great inspiration, new tricks, new yoyos and good luck at the competitions.
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ThrowYoYo TV – Pavel Dietrich YoYoFactory

Pavel Dietrich without doubt one of the greatest local yoyo talent. Pavel throws yoyo in Prague. Some people also say he is the Czech Janos Karancz. When you watch his latest video you will see how he makes the yoyo move, from one incredible shape to an other.
His tricks are true masterpiece.

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