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Honza Bui joins Yomega

Honza Bui joins Yomega

Super talented Czech players are popping up like mushrooms from ground. Great tricks and good skills are essential, however some of them has that extra spark which leads to great adventure.
Huge Congratulation to Honza Bui who is the first local player to join the Yomega team. New sponsorship, comes with a new video check it out!

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Simple but Brilliant

New yoyo video by the guys from Slovakia. The clip called #2014, it is a must watch. You can see Samko, Janko, Gabko throwing for Barely Legal, Turning Point and CLYW.

Great video guys keep them coming!

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Konstantin Tudjarov: YoYoFactory Shutter

This is a great yoyo video by Konstantin Tudjarov. Nice editing and inspiring yoyo tricks. He is 2 times Bulgarian National Champion and member of the YoYoFactory Europe team.This video features some of his new tricks which Konstantin is planning to use at EYYC 2014

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ThrowYoYo TV – Pavel Dietrich YoYoFactory

Pavel Dietrich without doubt one of the greatest local yoyo talent. Pavel throws yoyo in Prague. Some people also say he is the Czech Janos Karancz. When you watch his latest video you will see how he makes the yoyo move, from one incredible shape to an other.
His tricks are true masterpiece.

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Czech YoYo Nationals results

results from

1A Elite

Finální výsledky kategorie 1A Elite

1 Václav Kroutil 89,86
2 Tyler Young 89,85
3 Robert Ku?era 88,89
4 Jakub Rakovec 84,34
5 Petr Kavka 81,02
6 Matyáš Racek 77,20
7 Jan Papršt?in 74,67
8 Tomáš Bubák 71,60
9 Kryštof Kucha? 69,25
10 Jan Volejní?ek 68,26
11 Ji?í Zavadil 65,72
12 David Kreibich 58,10
13 Matouš Tomeš 56,71
14 Daniel Hotový 53,51

1A International Open

Finální výsledky kategorie 1A International Open

1 Krizstian Kalusza 96,30
2 Michal Zakzewski 91,51
3 Kentaro Kimura 85,02
4 David Molnar 79,38
5 Jan Hlinka 73,63
6 Akos Linzenbold 71,59
7 Balint Farkas 66,74
8 David Bolgarfalvy 57,74

5A Counterweight

Finální výsledky kategorie 5A Counterweight

1 Maciek Cwynar 96,81
2 Miklos Pardy 81,80
3 Petr Kavka 77,43
4 Petr Míka 46,28
5 Daniel Hotový 35,04
6 Michal Zakrzewski 29,18
7 Adam Hutchinson 27,98
8 Michal Jaško 14,67
9 Jakub Rakovec 12,67

X Division

Finální výsledky kategorie X Division

1 David Molnár 96,60
2 Michal Jaško 82,24
3 Zden?k Hýbl 55,30
4 Jan Bubák 51,67
5 Michal Zakrezewski 14,89
6 Petr Míka 10,69

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New YoYo Club in London!

This is the first installment of the Throw-YoYo Everywhere project. Get ready to throw yoyos!

Throw-YoYo Club at Seven Kings High School PROMO

Description: Watch it in HD. Today we filmed a promo video for our new yoyo club which is exclusive for the Seven Kings High School ! We are super excited about this! The clip features the instructor Aadam Elahi and owner Krisztian Kaluzsa aka. KK YOYOS. Visit

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Zammy makes impossible possible

Zammy’s new clip is filled with incredible yoyo moves. Literary we dropped our chin when we watched it!

Zammy presents: Redefinition.
Onedrop. Code2. September 2012.

Noun 1. redefinition -- the act of giving a new definition

Redefinition is about the idea that you can take something that had very little thought, attention and care and bring it to light. This is what I have done with the style known as Moebius. Many people out there seem to think I created it, when it fact when you want to get technical..I merely re-invented it.

I haven’t been able to do the style since the last video last year in October, and before that was just one year. But the flame has been reignited again to show you what can be done and to push the absolute limit of the style. I’m focusing all my attention for the rest of the year on this.

This video features new tricks, converted 1a tricks into Moeb, flytraps, no-handed, infinitums..its all there.

Thanks Doctor Popular and Alex Berenguel

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