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Marcus Koh – Magnum

Marcus Koh, our 2011 World Champion after leaving the Japanese yoyo brand, Turning Point, moves on to new adventure. He teams up with Auldley to create his second signature model, the Magnum.

The Magnum isn’t your ordinary chocolate ice-cream, it is the weapon of choice for all enjoying super quality. Playing it, is wonder in itself. It simply plays beautiful. The Magnum also looks great and unique.

Box signed by Markus Koh and completely sealed, you be the first one to open it.

Recommended both for players and collectors. -- see more at:

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New year, new energies, new releases!

So much enthusiasm, so much excitement on the first day of the year at ThrowYoYo. We are unboxing the newest Rally yoyos by One Drop Yo-Yos. Pictures are being taken right now.

Wow, we are super impressed by the machining quality and colour combination of One Drop. Congratulation for making the Rally!

Available in:

Clear with Blue Rings
Clear with Orange Rings
Clear with Black Rings
Turquoise with Black Rings

You can already get your Rally here more photos to come just in a bit:

Lets go!

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Freebies, Freebies, Freebies

This is the 44clash edition Delta, Professional Delrin yo-yo by AERO-YO

New material for AERO-YO – DELRIN® looks like usual plastic, but in fact is one of the toughest plastics. Delrin is one of the most universal polymer, that has characteristics of a metal. AERO-YO DELTA is real plastic Hi-End yo-yo!
Guaranteed spin time the Delta comes with grooved Evo steel bearing.

To celebrate the first 44clash competition outside of Japan this edition comes with 2 stickers and a badge with the symbol of 44CLASH.

To top that we are also giving away for free 44CLASH fridge magnets and Aero-Yo key holders with each yoyo!

Highly limited, don’t miss your chance get yours today!


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The elder brother of our Monster and MiniMonster yo-yos. This two models already made a lot of noise among players. Zombie has noticeably added in size and became true full-size yo-yo. Due to bigger size, it’s dynamic characteristics and weight distribution became better.

AERO-YO Zombie comes with a new coating and nice splash

Meet The Evolution – this call will be the main theme of AERO-YO 2012 collection. New step in our assortment of metal yo-yos for professionals.

Bright splash paint, original form and perfect balance – all this makes AERO-YO MTE an excellent choice for professionals.

Alex Nemchik is a player of Cold Metal Strike Force team, European Championship silver medalist in 5A(freehand). Alex is in the top-5 of Russian 1A players and he created his own model of a professional metal yo-yo.

Cold Metal CO2 is a combination of exclusive design, splash paint and tested technical parameters, created for your success!

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Unboxing the H5xChief by C3yoyodesing & CLYW

C3yoyodesign and CLYW joined their forces and blended together the H5 and the Chief yoyos. This is a one time collaboration, the H5xChief first release is in Orlando at the World YoYo Contest. After the even on the 5th of August you can get yours from

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Xcube Aware TYY Limited edition

Throw-YoYo Limited Edition here we come!

Take a look at this fresh release. Throw-YoYo teams up with Xcube to drop the bomb and shake the Earth!


The Aware is the latest masterpiece from the French yoyo brand Xcube. The Aware takes yoyo design to a whole new level with its remarkable shape and unique weight distribution. It looks amazing and plays comfortable.

This yoyo feels so nice on the string. Easy to control while maintaining speed and stability at the same time. Amazing looks and performance, we simply love this model and enjoy playing it.

Available here!

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God-Tricks yoyos & accessories review

Last night we released some amazing yoyos from God-Tricks. We are very excited about this brand, they are very promising! We love the fact that they make high quality yoyos, accessories and they are available at an amazing price! The performance and the quality of these yoyos convinced us and we gladly recommend them to everybody.

These are super cool YOBAGs from God-Tricks.


Make sure you try these amazing, wallet friendly concave bearings. It helps to center your string and increase the spin time of your yoyo. Continue reading>>

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