Japan National YoYo Contest Photos & Videos

Let’s start this write up with dropping the top 3 of each division:

1A: 1st – Hiroyuki Suzuki, 2nd – Akitoshi Tokubuchi , 3rd – Kazuki Okada
2A: 1st – Yamamoto, 2nd – Shu Takada, 3rd – Ryo Yamashita
3A: 1st – Minato Furuta, 2nd – Takimoto, 3rd – Ken Takabayshi
4A: 1st – Naoto Okada, 2nd – Rei Iwakura, 3rd – Sugimura Kazuaki
5A: 1st – Takuma Inoue, 2nd – Takayuki Kuriyama, 3rd – Hideo Ishida

There are so many videos on youtube check out the following channels and see how it’s done: Yama18j, mrmatio, yoyofactoryvideo

Here are some nice photos from the contest by C3yoyodesign!

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