Krisztian Kaluzsa @ SomeWhereTo_ Show off event

Our professional yoyo freetyler, former UK National Champion Krisztian Kaluzsa was showing off his amazing skills at the SomeWhereTo_Show off event in London. Just to get an idea what was going on Thursday morning read the short article at on Krisztian’s performance: “After, it was time to witness an extreme talent, as champion Yo-Yoer, Krisztian Kaluzsa took to the stage, manipulating a yoyo in ways never seen before. Claiming his yo-yoing act was “like Picasso, you just have to take it in, not look at the finer points.”

Adam Deacon’s thoughts about the event: “Today went really well, a lot of people showed up, there was really great talent on stage and it’s been good to be around it. My favourite part was the YoYo guy; I really didn’t think you could do that much with a YoYo! He did it and I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was some mad stuff.”

Adam Brazier (Graffiti artist) Adam Deacon (actor)Krisztian Kaluzsa @ somewhereto_ show off

Adam Brazier (Graffiti artist) Adam Deacon (actor,rapper) Krisztian Kaluzsa (YoYo Freestyler & Artist) @ somewhereto_ show off

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