44Clash Japan 1A results

1 – Luis Enrique Villasenor
2 – Zach Gormley

3 – Marcus Koh
4 – Hiroyuki Suzuki
5 – Paul Kerbel

1 – Masakazu Yamasaki
2 – Ginji Miura
3 – Shunsuke Kawakami
4 – Satoshi Yamauchi
5 – Shu Takada

1 – Rei Iwakura
2 – Ben Conde
3 – Bryan Figueroa
4 – Yasuki Tachibana
5 – Tomohiko Zanka

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YoYomad1001 Tutorial Contest Winners

Congratulation for all the winners of the YoYomad1001 tutorial contest sponsored by C3yoyodesign and Throw-YoYo.co.uk! Winners please e-mail your name and address to yoyomad1001@gmail.com.

1st place video – Wings Up won a £40 voucher to use at Throw-yoyo.co.uk and a C3yoyoDesign DarkSonic yoyo!

2nd Place video – from Russia with LOVE!!! won a £30 voucher to use at Throw-yoyo.co.uk and a C3YoyoDesign Sceptre yoyo!

3rd Place video – Mole Tower won a £15 voucher to use at Throw-yoyo.co.uk and a C3YoyoDesign Di Base yoyo

Judges Choise Ilya Shaposhnikov won YoyoMad1001’s very own C3yoyodesign Darkstar!

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Freebies, Freebies, Freebies

This is the 44clash edition Delta, Professional Delrin yo-yo by AERO-YO

New material for AERO-YO – DELRIN® looks like usual plastic, but in fact is one of the toughest plastics. Delrin is one of the most universal polymer, that has characteristics of a metal. AERO-YO DELTA is real plastic Hi-End yo-yo!
Guaranteed spin time the Delta comes with grooved Evo steel bearing.

To celebrate the first 44clash competition outside of Japan this edition comes with 2 stickers and a badge with the symbol of 44CLASH.

To top that we are also giving away for free 44CLASH fridge magnets and Aero-Yo key holders with each yoyo!

Highly limited, don’t miss your chance get yours today!


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Czech YoYo Nationals results

results from http://yymcr12.cya.cz/results/?lang=en

1A Elite

Finální výsledky kategorie 1A Elite

1 Václav Kroutil 89,86
2 Tyler Young 89,85
3 Robert Ku?era 88,89
4 Jakub Rakovec 84,34
5 Petr Kavka 81,02
6 Matyáš Racek 77,20
7 Jan Papršt?in 74,67
8 Tomáš Bubák 71,60
9 Kryštof Kucha? 69,25
10 Jan Volejní?ek 68,26
11 Ji?í Zavadil 65,72
12 David Kreibich 58,10
13 Matouš Tomeš 56,71
14 Daniel Hotový 53,51

1A International Open

Finální výsledky kategorie 1A International Open

1 Krizstian Kalusza 96,30
2 Michal Zakzewski 91,51
3 Kentaro Kimura 85,02
4 David Molnar 79,38
5 Jan Hlinka 73,63
6 Akos Linzenbold 71,59
7 Balint Farkas 66,74
8 David Bolgarfalvy 57,74

5A Counterweight

Finální výsledky kategorie 5A Counterweight

1 Maciek Cwynar 96,81
2 Miklos Pardy 81,80
3 Petr Kavka 77,43
4 Petr Míka 46,28
5 Daniel Hotový 35,04
6 Michal Zakrzewski 29,18
7 Adam Hutchinson 27,98
8 Michal Jaško 14,67
9 Jakub Rakovec 12,67

X Division

Finální výsledky kategorie X Division

1 David Molnár 96,60
2 Michal Jaško 82,24
3 Zden?k Hýbl 55,30
4 Jan Bubák 51,67
5 Michal Zakrezewski 14,89
6 Petr Míka 10,69
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Throw-YoYo Family new member

“Well, I think its time to introduce our new Throw-YoYo team member! Reminding you, we had a contest which lasted near one month and I needed to choose from 38 guys and make my decision about who will join TYY team! I thought it will be difficult to choose but the choice wasn’t so difficult. Well, let me introduce our NEW TEAM MEMBER and it is PETR AMINEV!
Congratulations from yoyo community and from Team, now you are part of us ;)” Oleg Matveev, Team Manager at Throw-YoYo Russia

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We are hyped up about the upcoming weekend. The Throw-YoYo team will be at THE ARTS HIJACK to hold amazing yoyo shows and workshops.

Platform33, Pinch TV and Brick Box present THE ARTS HIJACK. A whole weekend dedicated to showcasing the most exciting creative talent.
Feast your eyes, ears and feet on the very best in music, film, art, dance, spoken word, street arts, immersive theatre, DJs…and much more!

Ticket price:
Advance: £8.50 for one day only. £15 for the weekend.
On the door: £10.
Pay in Brixton Pounds: £8 on the door

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/103367126483634/

Ticket link:http://www.wegottickets.com/f/5069

Location and Timings:

354 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London
8pm til 2am on the Friday
6pm til 2am on the Saturday

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New YoYo Club in London!

This is the first installment of the Throw-YoYo Everywhere project. Get ready to throw yoyos!

Throw-YoYo Club at Seven Kings High School PROMO

Description: Watch it in HD. Today we filmed a promo video for our new yoyo club which is exclusive for the Seven Kings High School ! We are super excited about this! The clip features the instructor Aadam Elahi and Throw-YoYo.co.uk owner Krisztian Kaluzsa aka. KK YOYOS. Visit www.throw-yoyo.co.uk

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