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Grzegorz “Plamek” Wójcik: newest member of team Onedrop!

Short interview with Grzegorz “Plamek” Wójcik by Jessica “B-grade woman” Rijken

B-grade woman: First of all a huge congratulations on joining the Onedrop team. How do you feel about the disbanding of the Hspin network and how did you make the transition to the Onedrop team?

Plamek: Thanks! I feel a bit sad about that. I achieved a lot as a Hspin team member. I travel, compete and learn a lot during my cooperation with Chris K. and the rest of the crew and I had the chance to have my own signature. Chris Kayatz is a very good and caring guy, so he told us to search for another good team. After a couple conversations with Dave from Onedrop yoyos, i haven’t any doubt that Onedrop is the best choice for me.

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